Deepening the Senses ‘Awakening Bealtaine’ A Morning’s Online Gathering 15th May 2021

Christian Schloe “Your True Nature”

‘If we fail to nourish our souls, they wither, and without soul, life ceases to have meaning. The creative process shrivels in the absence of continual dialogue with the soul. And creativity is what makes life worth living’ – Marion Woodman

‘Blessed is the life lived at a pace that is in sync with the land on which it is lived’ –    Wendell Berry 

You are invited to join me for Deepening the Senses ‘Awakening Bealtaine’ a Morning Zoom Gathering on Saturday 15th May 2021.

In ancient times Bealtaine celebrated the end of the dark half of the year and the coming of the light half. The name derives from the old Irish words Bel Taine meaning ‘bright fire’. In the month of May we will be crossing the threshold of equinox and solstice, moving into the power of the sun. Fire at Bealtaine represented the ritual of sacrifice and renewal. Often in our own lives we need to sacrifice our old habits that no longer serve us and allow ourselves to blossom into the fullness of our authentic selves.

This year has seen many changes in our lives. We have all at times felt anxious, stressed and sometimes frightened too. For many, this Winter in particular, has been a long shadow crossing. This morning’s gathering will be a space for reflection, to connect and reconnect in an embodied way to our inner ground and to hear with that inner ear what meaning we can glean from these challenging times for our own journey. What gifts can these dark times also bring to our lives. What will bring forth across the threshold, through the symbolic fires of Bealtaine, into life.

When we listen to myths, if we let ourselves step into their world of poetry and imagination, we step out of the rational concrete patriarchal world of our time and into the symbolic life. In this way we become receptive to our inner environment, and the energies of life and the archetypal patterns living through us.

During this morning’s workshop, we will draw on the wisdom of mythology, utilizing mindfulness meditation, the medium of poetry and imagination, as well as exploring the language of dreams and their symbols in our Psyche’s to assist is.   it aims to provide a nurturing online space with time to let go of everyday commitments and attune to ourselves.

Prior experience of body work and personal therapy work, whilst desirable, is not essential.


 This is a Zoom workshop – starting at 9.30 am and finishing at 1.45pm / 2pm. The package includes 4.5 hours online group facilitation with a limit on the number of participants to ensure opportunity for participants to interact in the online space. A certificate for 4 .5 points CPD is available.


The morning online workshop is 60 euro. Early booking is advisable as there is a limited number of participants for the morning. Full fee is payable on booking to secure your place. Fee is non-refundable once payment is made. Places are allocated on a first come first serve bases. Participants are advised to ensure they have good internet access and a quiet space for the morning where they will not be interrupted. Further suggestions on what to bring with you for the workshop will follow.

For further details and to make a booking, please contact Eileen at or phone 087-7126271. Gift voucher available on request.


“The facilitation was excellent! really enjoyed your style: engaged, warm, enthusiastic and gentle”.

“Eileen, you are a special facilitator and so much more. Your gift of calm and really “seeing ” each of us individually even though we were at home was so powerful. You are magic! You carved a really warm and inviting space, albeit all of us behind our screens. I almost forgot that was in that format. It transmitted and translated so seamlessly. You are the essence of presence and calm.”

“Thank you Eileen, for such a safe space for us all to calmly open our hearts and souls in to the shared experience. It was truly wonderful.   I loved the imagery and the presentation of images with your score of evocative and though provoking poetry and word. I think that was a really important part of the morning, the imagery was truly astounding”. 

“Thank you again for such a heart soaring experience. It is still with me and I know I will carry it forward.”

“That was absolutely divine”.

“I really enjoyed it and would love to be added to a mailing list if there is one available”

“I couldn’t believe I was able to get that sense of connection online. It was truly wonderful”

“It was amazing, just amazing”

More testimonials available on the website

“The more you work with your dreams and your unconscious, and honor it, the more you understand it and it understands you. When you develop a relationship with your psyche this way, you begin to carry that energy into life and your relationships”  – Marion Woodman

Sarah Walker Artist

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