Deepening the Senses ‘The Returning of Light’ Zoom Morning’s Gathering for Lá Bríde – Saturday 4th February 2023

Art by Dee Nickerson

In a way Winter is the real Spring – the time when the inner things happen, the resurgence of nature” – Edna O’Brien

Imbolc marks the beginning of Spring in the Celtic tradition. It is a time of rebirth and new hope. The earth stirs from its winter slumber, the hard frosts thaw, the first green buds and shoots appear, bringing with them the promise of transformation.

Brigid the ancient triple Goddess, is celebrated on Lá Bríde –  ‘Brigid’s Day at Imbolc. She stands on the threshold of Spring invoking the archetypal energies of healing, creativity, imagination and poetry, as well as symbolising the alchemical fires of the forge and of transformation. She is said to breathe life into the mouth of the dead winter. In the Celtic tradition, in Samhain, the Cailleach,  the old hag of winter, made her descent into the underworld to incubate the seeds of the new life. These are the seeds that will emerge at Imbolc, (meaning ‘in the belly’) in the Celtic spring.

On this morning’s zoom gathering we will light the symbolic fires of Imbolc once more and we will journey inward,  attuning to the stirring in our own underworld. We will connect to our place in the cycle of the seasons listening to the ancient wisdom that is held within.

This morning’s workshop will be space where we will create a time for reflection, for our own personal development, to connect and reconnect in an embodied way to our inner ground and to hear with the inner ear, what meaning we can glean from these challenging times for our own journey. What gifts these times can also bring to our lives and what we will bring forth into the Spring and new life. We will draw on the wisdom of Brigid, the transformative power of mythology, utilizing mindfulness meditation, the medium of poetry as well as exploring thoughts and ideas from the field of philosophy, psychotherapy and literature – supported by images from art, to deepen our understanding of ourselves. The morning will also explore the inner world of dreams, staying curious about what images and metaphors are emerging for us during the morning. It aims to be a nurturing online space with time to let go of everyday commitments and attune to ourselves.

Saturday 4th February 2023 – Zoom workshop – starting at 9.30 am and finishing at 1.45pm. The package includes 4 .5 hours online group facilitation with a strictly limited number of participants to ensure opportunity to interact online. A certificate for 4 points CPD is available


The morning online workshop is 75 euro. Early booking is advisable as there is a limited number for the morning. Full fee is payable on booking to secure your place. Fee is non-refundable once payment is made. Places are allocated on a first come first serve bases. Participants are advised to ensure they have a quiet space for the morning where they will not be interrupted. Further suggestions on what to bring with you for the workshop will follow.

For further details and to make a booking, please contact Eileen at or phone 087-7126271. Gift voucher available on request.

The aim is to create a warm atmosphere together online where we will awaken the senses, meet like-minded people, deepen our understanding of ourselves and explore the sensual in our everyday lives.


“Gosh, i feel very lucky and blessed. What a beautiful gathering. Soul nourishment. Thank you for your gentle holding of space and weaving wonderful Samhain magic. Thank you for the wonderful work you do. All the magic of your in-person retreats was there. It was a special side step out of normal time into a soul healing space time. Go Raibh maith agat”

“It was just what I needed”

“It was perfect – so well thought through, beautiful art images, thought provoking, restful..I feel so was just what I needed”

“It was perfect. Eileen is a fantastic facilitator. Calm, safe, inclusive, and nurturing in this online space. Since following you on facebook, I have always wanted to take part in one of your retreats Eileen. It was everything I expected and more! It really did exactly what it said on the tin, it deepened my senses. The images you used were stunning and the writings and poems you read were perfect. I will definitely partake again”

“It was simply nourishing”

“I loved every second of this morning”

“What you create in your offering is so sacred, i was so blessed to have the opportunity to participate”

More testimonials available on the website

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