Testimonials for Deepening the Senses Zoom Gatherings

Deepening the Senses – Online Gathering

“Gosh I feel very lucky and blessed. What a beautiful gathering. Soul nourishment. Thank you for your gentle holding of space and weaving wonderful Samhain magic. Thank you for the wonderful work that you do. All the magic of your in-person retreats was there. It was a special side step out of normal time into a soul healing space time. Go raibh míle maith agat”.

“I spent the morning as I had wished for. To engage in company who are like minded and a facilitator who knows.  You certainly delivered……well done.  A rewarding and fulfilling experience that touches deeply with plenty of food for thought and action!

“Thank you for such an enriching morning last Saturday. The benefits have stayed with me since. I loved the internal spark I felt upon listening to the stories you shared and sitting with the magical images of the Cailleach. I felt connected to an aliveness inside of me and found the morning with Eileen and the group complimented how more at home I feel during the autumn and early winter time. I experienced a lovely connection with Eileen’s way of holding the group, so warm, inclusive, open, respective, insightful, and informative. I have done very little group participation on zoom these past months, more from choice , as I have perceived it to be more of a stressor than a support to me. My experience of this morning felt supportive and nurturing. Thank you Eileen”

“It was a great morning. Great to gather together with other ladies to share our feelings, experiences, visions and of course to connect. I visualise the Cailleach zooming! It’s great to meet a facilitator who understands and knows. Many attributes for a truly fulfilling gathering …knowing the subject matter, topics, structure and delivery of them. I hope to attend the remaining yearly gathering to complete a yearly cycle of sorts”.

“Thank you so much Eileen for a magical experience. I loved witnessing the sharing from the other women. There was so much wisdom in the circle. The slideshow with the images resonated beautifully. I found the pace perfect. I absolutely loved Eileen’s facilitation. I would describe her approach as warm, humorous, deeply compassionate, interested and knowledgeable. Thank you so much for such an enriching experience. I look forward to experiencing your magic again!”

“What you create in your offering is so sacred, I was so blessed to have the opportunity to participate”

“I really enjoyed meeting other people, and listening to their wisdom and experience. This was not something I had anticipated in advance but it really made me aware how starved I have been for human connection since COVID lockdown”.

“Thank you Eileen for a heart soaring experience. It is still with me and I know I will carry it forward. Thank you for creating such a safe space for us all to calmly open our hearts and souls in the shared experience. It was truly wonderful. I loved the imagery and the presentation of images with your score of evocative music and thought provoking poetry and word. I think that was a really important part of the morning . The imagery was astounding. Eileen you are a special facilitator and so much more. Your gift of calm and really ‘seeing’ each of us individually even though we were at home was so powerful. You are magic! You carved a really warm and inviting space, albeit all of us behind our screens. I almost forgot that we were in that format. It transmitted and translated so seamlessly. You are the essence of presence and calm”.

“Thank you so much for a very nourishing morning. I felt very present and able to use the space well. I experience something very powerful in the way you work with mythology, archetypes and Jungian psychology”.

“Thank you so much for another morning of nourishment. I get so much from your retreats. You were born to do this work and you facilitate such a safe and kind space. I am very grateful to and for you. I loved every second of the morning”.

“Thank you so much Eileen for a heart warming homing experience. Truly a gift”.

“I enjoyed all of it! I loved your style Eileen. You are an inspiration. I enjoyed it even more than I expected. I can still recall in my body the start of it and the word ‘home’ which was what came up for me. It was like swimming in a pool of warmth, gentleness and beauty. Even though, for me, I felt a great deal of grief and longing, my soul was nourished”

“Thank you Eileen for a wonderful morning. I enjoyed all aspects of it. The subject matter, the respectful sharing. The facilitation. I really liked the facilitator’s style. It was the perfect balance between encouraging us and allowing us space to contribute. I really enjoyed the online gathering and I think it worked well because we were all in our own space”.

“Thank you for providing such a beautiful space for us all. I thoroughly enjoyed and got so much from the day and I brought it all the way through to this week. I love your style and presence, the warm inclusions, so personal and authentic. I really was taken with how well you held us all. I’m never sure about zoom but I am grateful to have had the holding and connection with you and the group and the work. The images, music, and celtic really impacted me, the story telling, it was deeply moving and I really took it in. I am sure I missed lots because it was so abundant but that felt gorgeous too because so many of us were absorbing different things. The sharing was so valuable to witness. That you so so much”.

“I have been to a few of your retreats but the last one was very powerful and helped me shift some things that were building up – so go raibh míle maith agat”.

“Thank you Eileen for your gentleness, kindness, grace, generosity, presence and clarity and the beauty of your presentation. I can feel the Celtic, Irish, Scottish breeze and vibrations still here”.

“Thank you so much for facilitating such a beautiful enriching experience this morning. I have come away feeling so enlivened and excited about the pathway ahead. I have been yearning for a deeper insight or connection to my inner self for awhile and this morning’s content really resonated with me. I feel like I’m just dipping my toe in the water but I am on the right pathway. I felt safe to express myself in your care and I thank you for this. I thought the women in the group were courageous and inspiring. It was a privilege to be a part of it. I look forward to the next time. Go raibh míle maith agat”.

“Heartfelt thanks for the wonderful Cailleach retreat yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it really re-energized my spirit. You are such an inspiration and always very welcoming . looking forward to more of your retreats in the future. Míle buíochas agus beannacht Dé ort”.

“I really enjoyed the workshop, when I sometimes read Jung I end up frustrated as I just can’t understand it then attending something like this reminds me of the value and richness of what is is all about”.

“Dearest Eileen, thank you . Someday I would love to travel from Scotland over to Ireland and hopefuly meet you there in person, your work and words speak deeply to me”.

“Eileen, just keep doing what you do so well and keep being your wonderful self”.

“It was precious in so many ways”

“Many thanks for facilitating an enlightening morning. I enjoyed all aspects of the workshop. I thought the opening of the workshop was very meaningful and it framed the workshop beautifully. I loved the sense of ritual and meaning. The emphasis on imagery throughout the workshop was very powerful. The images are still with me. I loved the gentleness and integrity of the facilitator. Eileen’s voice was very easy to listen to, and it gave a sense of warmth and shelter in the forum. It was a beautiful experience. An experience I find difficult to articulate in words. Afterwards, I felt completely connected to my spirit within and the spirit in nature. Thank you. Bless your creativity”

“Thank you very much Eileen for a beautiful day. I will be signing up for the day retreat. If there are spaces. Thanks again. You are wonderful at what you are doing”

“Many thanks for this. The workshop was truly divine and I will forward to joining you again”.

“Eileen, go raibh míle maith agat. I loved the evening with you and all the wise women who attended. I found the sense of peace, space and friendly wisdom that you created very special. I imagine every woman felt very ‘held’ for the duration of the evening. I honestly can’t think of a single thing I would change and i will definitely be back in the future.”

“Thank you so much for such a deep and soulful evening on Saturday. I loved it and being in circle with you and the other women was such a special experience. I felt nurtured, and seen and witnessed. I can’t wait until the next gathering!”

“I enjoyed the individual dialogues you had with us all. Also the story-telling and the meditation. I really loved and appreciated your style – I could sense your genuine welcome and interest in everyone. I felt l9ke you were able to meet everyone where they were at, it was all new to me but i didn’t go away feeling as if i hadn’t belonged or couldn’t access the learning and connection. Just to say thank you again and I hope to join you at some point in the future”

“I found your facilitation style gentle and supportive. You managed the time effectively and ensured that everyone felt that they were seen and heard without feeling pressure to contribute more than they were comfortable with . Transitions between sections/ activities were seamless and gently led us through the workshop while allowing us to move in our own process simultaneously. It was a lovely way to start the weekend and welcome this next state of the cycle of life. Thank you once again Eileen for a lovely gathering. I am looking forward to integrating the insights and images gained into my life, my work and my mandalas and artwork”