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Thank you for visiting my website and welcome to my International Personal Development Coaching Service. I am currently dual located in the United States (based near Lake Tahoe in northern Nevada) and on the West Coast of Ireland, in Galway. In Ireland my last name is Ni Shuilleabhain which is Gaelic (Irish) for Sullivan. You will find this name on my website and my social media pages.

I am a certified Wellness Coach in the United States and fully accredited and licensed for over ten years practicing Depth Psychotherapy in Ireland. I have also worked as a Mental Health Social Worker for over 15 years and a Manager of a Social Work Department in Adult Mental Health Services.

I hold a Masters Degree in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy, a Masters Degree in Social Work, a Degree in Social Science, a Diploma in Advanced Reflexive Supervision and a Diploma in Jungian Psychology.  Please click on my ‘About Eileen’ page for more details about my clinical background, qualifications and experience. Clients from across the United States can now see me in my capacity online as Personal Development Coach.

What’s the difference between Psychotherapy and Coaching?

Coaching differs from Psychotherapy in that it focuses on the present. A Personal Development Coach supports and oversees strategies that help people achieve goals. A coach will help you uncover limiting beliefs and help you to understand your thinking patterns, supporting you to address those issues and helping you create healthier patterns. This is to support you to bridge where you are now to where you want to be in your life.  Coaching is a professional relationship that enables a client to move forward with greater clarity, focus, momentum and success. Psychotherapy is focused on improving mental health by exploring the past and helps you improve the present through insight, awareness, and healing of emotional pain, trauma, suffering and symptoms. Psychotherapy tends to look more deeply, looking at past trauma and supports a person to address the underlying causes of their difficulties.

Coaching clients do not receive diagnosis, treatment planning or insurance reimbursement.


This changed my life and has given me the courage to start a new journey”
 Participant of Deepening the Senses Programme 2020
Deepening the Senses Personal Development Programmes:

I am very excited to introduce you to my Deepening the Senses Personal Development Programmes. These were originally developed in 2016 as in-person Residential and Day Retreats in Ireland and later as online workshops and retreats. Now they include 1:1 bespoke and tailored programmes to support you and your individual needs. They draw on my years of experience and training as a Psychotherapist, Clinical Mental Health Social Worker and group facilitator.

So much of our lives are governed by the stories we tell ourselves. Stories about who we are and our place in the world. These stories can support or hinder us in our growth. They are often stories that we have carried with us since we were very young and may have been passed down intergenerationally.  They are largely stories that are not in our conscious awareness and yet they can impact on how we feel about ourselves, our relationships and our place in the world.

When these stories are not in support of our growth, we can experience a lack of confidence and low self-worth. We can experience a lot of emotional pain and suffering. I have worked with so many people over the years who have very successful careers and feel they have objectively achieved a lot in their lives, yet they describe feeling a deeper sense of connection missing. They describe feelings of anxiety, finding it difficult to relax and be at ease in their bodies. They often find themselves striving to achieve all the time, feeling overworked and depleted and finding it hard to say no. They are anxiously monitoring other people perceiving judgment or a fear of being ‘found out’, feeling their self-worth depleted. This can also lead to feelings of numbness, a deadening feeling. They describe their lives as lacking a certain vitality and meaning and sense of joy and contentment. They yearn for a deeper connection to their soul selves.

When you begin to change the story you are living by, when you begin to support yourselves in new embodied ways to deepen connection to body, you start to feel a whole lot better. Fear is no longer holding you back from experiencing joy and contentment in your life. You will begin to meet yourself with more compassion and love. This, in turn, will benefit your relationships all around you, with yourself, your family, your friends, your personal relationships, your working life, and in your general turning towards your life.

When your body starts to feel safe, you begin to engage with the world in a very new way.  You sense in your body a core feeling of worthiness. “I am worthy of this moment to moment life” I am worthy of this gift of presence that i am giving to myself”.

I sense my soul is smiling. Wow, working on myself has encouraged me to live my life true to me. Thank you”

– Aine – previous participant of Deepening the Senses Programme 2022


me on a Summer’s day in Ireland.

1:1 Personal Development Coaching Sessions: In 1:1 online couching sessions with me, we will work together to create awareness around these limiting stories and patterns. You will learn to identify what is in support of your growth and what needs to change. You will be supported to create new habits and routines in your life that are in support of your development. You will begin to deepen a connection to your body, and your soul self through embodiment practices, where you will begin to feel ease and a sense of fullness and vitality. If this is a journey you wish to embark on with me, if you are yearning to live a more fulfilling soulful contented life, if you are curious about what needs attention and what patterns need space to heal and change than now is the time to begin.

How to Book ?

Booking is quick and easy! Contact me today on for a free 30 minute consultation via zoom where we will explore what programme will best suit you and your needs.

You are also welcome to phone me on (US) 775 895 9201.

I am very much looking forward to meeting you and I am excited to work with you and to support you on this path.

Warm wishes, Eileen

Thank you so so much. It was just beautiful and profound. I got so much out of it and no doubt I will continue to do so for quite awhile ”
– Deirdre – Previous participant of Deepening the Senses programme 2023 

May Mornings Ireland

“If you travel far enough, one day you will recognize yourself coming down to meet yourself, and you will say – Yes!” – Marion Woodman