Testimonials for Deepening the Senses Retreats 2016 & 2017

“I cannot recommend this wonderful retreat enough. Deepening the Senses and the pleasure of meeting Eileen Ní Shuilleabháin was life changing.”

“It was a beautiful nourishing weekend. We drank from a deep well. Thank you.”

“It was the best!”

“Thank you Eileen for facilitating a truly magical experiential weekend – Deepening the Senses, with some very beautiful and inspirational people”

“Thank you Eileen for a truly wonderful, creative soft weekend – Deepening the Senses..You are unlimited”

“Just returned from a beautiful and magical weekend retreat with Eileen Ní Shuilleabháin. It awakened my senses and allowed my soul whispers to be heard. Thanks to everyone who shared the journey”

“Thanks so much Eileen. Highly recommend. Such a powerful weekend”

“Day two of the retreat with Eileen Ní Shuilleabháin absolutely magical”

“Thank you for the most memorable weekend”

“Loved every minute of it thank you so much Eileen”

“On a train back to Limerick and on to Dublin after a totally satisfying weekend retreat with a darling called Eileen Ní Shuilleabháin. She embodies the celtic oral/aural tradition in the deepest most accepting way. The group that were called together were some of the most open hearted i have ever been blessed to meet. We changed our inner lives in the gentlest and profoundest ways. It will take some reflection to examine those ways. Thank you all”

“Thanks so much. I really enjoyed the weekend”.

“it was a perfect weekend”

“Thank you Eileen. It was a life changing experience”

“Thank you so much for a lovely weekend. A total new experience for me that did awaken and deepen my senses and it was a learning curve for me in so many ways and meeting awesome like-minded people – Loved every minute”

“Give yourself a New Years treat with Eileen Ní Shuilleabháin . Go just go…You won’t regret it, trust me”


“money can’t provide the space created for us to deepen. It’s the beautiful connection offered by the facilitator. Much appreciated Eileen. ”

“I felt i could be myself, very at home surrounded by beautiful people and landscape. Thank you Eileen for sharing and giving me so much”

“I had a wonderful weekend and I’m very grateful and feel privileged to have experienced it”

“Eileen has an excellent style – gentle yet in control,understanding, great sense of humour/fun, rich in knowledge, everything is from the heart”

“so glad i came…lets do more!!

“Such a fulfilling experience. I felt warmed and comforted and reassured. Beautiful setting, people, food and accommodation. Thank you so much Eileen. You are unique and gifted”

I wish i could do it every time my battery is running low. – Thank you so much Eileen”

“wonderful experience! thanks so much”

“i reconnected with my soul…thank you”

“the rewards i’m leaving with are invigorating and life altering – thank you”

“it was amazing”

“thank you Eileen. Such a special retreat. I loved it, and all the company, just gorgeous!”

“thank you for an incredible weekend – replenishing and inspiring with wonderful company. i loved every minute”

Thank you for a wonderful weekend Eileen! it was magical and will stay with me”

“I really enjoyed this experience, the unfolding, the learning was so deep but not frighteningly intense which allowed for some tremendous work – astonishing”


“Eileen was a wonderful magical facilitator. It was so well thought through, very gentle, imaginative, knowledgeable, safe, nurturing. It takes excellent facilitation to allow so many different people to open up in such a short space of time.”

“It was an absolutely wonderful weekend. I am so glad i came”.

“The pace was just right. The facilitation was fantastic, plenty of time was spent with each individual. It was wonderful. Wonderfully awakening”.

“It was amazing, just amazing. Lovely to have the free time to absorb. A magical weekend”

“Eileen was calm and serene throughout, put me at ease and helped me share. I felt minded, heard and blessed to be here. I will recommend it to friends and will probably be back in gratitude. Many thanks”.

“I loved it all. A memorable couple of days. Thank you”.

“It was a privilege to watch you work. I felt i gained so much from your gentle, intuitive but sure way you work with people. You really embody the feminine, and trust in that. It was wonderful. Thank you”.

“Wonderful weekend. I could not have asked for better. Eileen is gorgeous and just radiates empathy. Make it longer…”

“Eileen has a unique style, true to herself, gentle yet challenging and supportive. She practices what she preaches and looks like she is enjoying the course also . Thank you again. This weekend was food for the soul, refreshing which evokes a real sense and purpose , a divine guidance”

“It was everything i needed it to be. Looking forward to the next one. Eileen stay as you are, – steady and sure, a sparkle which builds contentment. Thank you”.

“Thank you Eileen. This weekend will resonate with me for a long time and will have an encouraging ripple effect on my life and the lives of people i meet and my family”.


“The weekend was beautiful. I appreciated the gentle openness, the space was safe and peaceful”

“it was a beautiful weekend”

“a really special group of like minded people in a special place. I don’t want to leave the love i have found here. Thank you for leading me here”

“It has changed my life and given me the courage to start a new journey”

“wonderful, joyful, peaceful. it was perfect”

“I found a real connection back to myself. A release from grief and pain.. joy”

“This has been the best experience for as long as i can remember. Thank you and all the women from the bottom of my heart”

“Grateful to be part of the experience and the love”

“I love your gentleness Eileen, your humanity, your wisdom. I loved your readings, poetry, music. Don’t change anything Eileen. I will be back next year. I would love possibly the dates soon so i can put it in my diary”

“Eileen your style is excellent, such passion, knowledge richness, care and safety. A lady. So glad i came again”

“Eileen was gentle, measured and very calming. Excellent space held for connection to our feminine”


Photography: Eileen Ní Shuilleabháin (A Connemara evening 2016)