Wellness in the Workplace – Organisational Workshops/ Academic conferences/Seminars


According to the World Health Organisation, there are many benefits of workforce health promotion to the employee and the organisation.

To the employee the benefits are a safe and healthy work environment, enhanced self esteem, reduced stress, improved morale, increased job satisfaction, increased skills or health protection, improved health and improved sense of well being. For the Organisation, it means a positive and caring image, improved staff morale, reduced staff turnover, reduced absenteeism and increased productivity in staff.

These workshops and seminars look to support staff and organisations to respond to stress in the workplace. They are specifically designed to increase awareness of mental health and well-being and to provide practical skills to increase self support, emotional resilience and personal effectiveness.

These workshops and seminars can be designed to meet the particular organisation’s needs. They cover a range of topics that include-

  • Managing stress and building resilience in staff
  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression – How stress impacts the body, how to recognise symptoms and what to do.
  • Work life balance – Practical skills and tools that address healthy lifestyle choices.
  • The importance of self awareness – helping employees recognise and identify emotions and feelings and how our thoughts and outlook can impact on how we feel about ourselves.
  • Managing conflict and increasing effective communication

These workshops and seminars are facilitated using powerpoint, Interactive and experiential group exercises (dyads and larger group), role plays. Mindfulness based stress reduction exercises are utilised to develop skills to increase self support and cultivate anxiety management skills.  These seminars draw on principles of Cognitive Behavioural therapy interventions.  Other group exercises are designed to be fun and increase interaction and team working between colleagues.

If you are interested in providing this in your workplace and organisation or if you have further queries contact Eileen via email for consultation.

Eileen also facilitates workshops to Organisations on other specific areas such as –

Trauma Informed Practice – beneficial for Social Care Workers, Psychologists, Social Workers, Psychotherapists, Doctors, Nurses, Health care practitioners.

Wellness in the Workplace –

Wellness and Resilience 

Bereavement in the Workplace 

Continuous Professional Development Certificates available on request.

Testimonials from previous organisational based workshops 2017 & 2018 & 2019

“It was a really wonderful workshop with so much new learning, delivered beautifully.”

“Please let me know if you are doing more,

I really enjoyed it and got so much from it”

“It was excellent”

“Thank you so much for the wonderful and inspiring training yesterday”

“This course was very informative, and comprehensive. Intervention to trauma – this training for both the practitioner, and the client provides a very meaningful, and beneficial approach to trauma based interventions. I found the checking in with ourselves exercise, before any intervention with our clients to be very useful”.

 “The 2 day training was a really good experience”

Wellness in the workplace  – A great course – the facilitator was very relaxed and Informative”

“Excellent – really enjoyed it”

“It was excellent”

“Very worthwhile 2 days – it should be compulsory”

“Loved Eileen’s tone and pace – an excellent 2 days”

“Fantastic..should be compulsory…cannot think of anything that i would change”. 

“Loved her style – the quietness of voice, soothing and thoughtful”

“It was brilliant – enjoyed Eileen’s presentation style, very encouraging, easy and knowledgeable…a great 2 days”. 

“Facilitation was excellent, for me, really measured, informative and enjoyable. I really enjoyed it and will reap the benefit. I feel very positive about it”. 

“It was very good. Made me more aware of myself – the facilitator was fabulous, I would love more of these in my workplace.”

“i have come away from today understanding more about myself, strategies for wellness, understanding the brain and managing conflict/confrontation. I would love more days like this”

“I loved it. More of this please! All staff should partake across the board”

“I would love this regularly. It was excellent. The facilitator was Brilliant”.

“It was excellent – wellness in the workplace day – Absolutely so beneficial. More of these courses needed. I enjoyed every aspect”

Eileen is very good at presenting. i would love these on a regularly basis – yearly at least”

“This was a course i really enjoyed. she was excellent and easy to listen to”. 

“This course is so relevant in today’s world. It was very good. so relevant in our stressful and busy lives. More of this please “

“Eileen is very good at what she does. It was a great day.”  

“It was excellent. Very practical and good advice and tools. I loved it”

“It was excellent. It was a break from routine and it highlighted how much stress we have! I learnt strategies to understand stress and how to relieve stress.  I would love more of these days!”

“it was very good. Eileen is engaging and thought provoking. I learnt about bringing my body back and connecting with self. totally recommend”

“It was excellent. So Good. Eileen was brilliant. I learnt about breathing and stress awareness. All staff should be doing this once a month. There would be lot less stress leave.”

“this training was excellent. It was very  comprehensive and a good mix of theory, practical exercise and group participation. It was excellently facilitated. I really enjoyed it”

“This training was nourishing for the soul! Extremely relevant to the busy work / home life. Eileen was an excellent facilitator, calm and safe. I learnt about the importance of regulating our own emotions. This training should be compulsory for all staff”

Conference 2019 St John of Gods for National Women’s Council of Ireland- Perinatal Mental Health
Psychosocial Issues and Trauma Informed Perinatal Mental Health – Conference Presentation 2019
Conference Chair of Special Interest Group for Social Work Adult Mental Health