Eileen’s Therapeutic Approach


Gestalt is a German word which means ‘whole’. Wholeness refers to the whole person or the individual’s mind and body as a unit rather than as separate parts. In Gestalt work we speak about integration which refers to how these parts – the body, feelings, intellect, and senses all fit together in balance in the self and environment. This is a process Jung referred to as individuation. Recent developments in Neuroscience has also highlighted the interconnectedness of the body, mind and soul. That they are one and the same.

Often people do not have these parts fitting together in balance. People may drift through life with some of those parts missing, for example, being disconnected from their feelings or senses,  which can cause them difficulty in their relationship with themselves and others. Sometimes due to trauma, the energy in the body becomes stuck in old patterns.

In this work we engage in a dialogue with our bodies, bringing awareness to sensations, tracking energy moving in our bodies. We focus on the ‘here and now’, on how the individual can block expression and spontaneity from moment to moment and in this work we bring awareness to where those blocks are and to that energy threshold. We explore ways of releasing the trapped energy  that is inhibiting awareness of ourselves and interrupting our creativity and full possibility in our lives. In this approach we learn how to attune more deeply to the sense of aliveness in the body, in the muscles, our organs, our bones, attuning deeply to the felt sense in the body and learning to listen to the wisdom that is held within.

In this more embodied approach, we can experience new pathways of energy opening up in the neural pathways , releasing us from the old patterns that held us back.

Eileen’s workshops explore images as they emerge from myth and poetry, mindful movement , art and dream imagery to assist the mobilisation of that energy and the integration of those images, allowing a deepening of awareness and contact with the authentic self. Meister Eckhart writes that “when the soul wishes to experience something she throws an image of the experience out before her and enters into her own image”. These workshops introduce us to connecting to the sensory world.  They will allow us to become aware and embody those images and in turn open up new possibility and creativity within ourselves. Through that process we learn to become more compassionate to ourselves and our place in the world, allowing us to continue to journey towards a more embodied authentic life.